Finding The Best Socks

sockSocks are undeniably a staple any regular man’s wardrobe. I believe that good men’s socks should have the benefit of both function and practicality. Socks are a frank and easy way by which I can add panache, subtle boldness and personality to my everyday life. I have a world of opportunity waiting for me out there with regard to men’s socks considering all the materials, patterns, shapes and styles that are currently available in the market.

I am well aware of the anatomy of men’s pair of socks, it comprises of the cuff, leg, heel turn, instep, sole and the toe.


There are several types of socks that I know of, the notable ones include the following:

Low-Cut Sport/Ankle Socks – These are socks that reach just the ankle or below it. I use ankle socks especially when engaging in physically activity.

Ankle-Dress/Mid-Calf Socks – This type of sock I recommend that it be worn with casual attire. We can use the mid-calf sock for its numerous functional benefits i.e. prevention of flashing skin while in the office, adding the much needed color or even pattern it to desired look.

Over-the-Calf/Knee-Length Socks – These are traditional socks that go all the way our knees. We never have to worry about pulling up our socks when we have over-the-calf or knee-length socks.


There are several fibers from which we can select men’s socks from, these include:

Wool – We all know of wool and its exemplary quality with regard to fibers. This fiber is extremely soft in texture. It has good insulating properties and is excellent in moisture absorption. The wool men’s sock varieties that are currently available in the market that we can buy in are those that have been blended with synthetic fibers to enhance strength, friction reduction and durability.

Cotton – This is the most popular fabric that we are all familiar with. It is suitable for athletic and formal men’s socks. It is a good fiber for men’s socks as it is cooler. Light in weight, hold its shape over time and is more durable compared to other fibers. It is the fabric that we mostly use for construction of men’s socks globally.

Silk – We all associate silk with luxury as it is a fabric that is mostly reserved for black tie as well as formal affairs. We do not prefer men’s socks of this fabric as much because they are not very durable. Men’s socks made of silk are often blended with wool to provide the insulating properties that we desire. Alternatively, they can be blended with synthetic fibers to offer extra longevity that we all desire in men’s socks.

Cashmere – We all associate cashmere fabric with luxury. It possess many similarities with wool fabric. We often do not select men’s socks made of this material because of its cons such as tearing or losing shape. These socks require hand washing and are not suitable for use with dryers.


The above insightful information about men’s socks is an eye opener of the many possibilities and varieties that are available to an individual. There are many things that we have to consider when making the selection of men’s socks.

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